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Comra 1

Comra Documentary Filmmaking Camp

Sana'a, Yemen / July 2015 - despite the permanent power black-out and ambiance of war, #SupportYemen & The British Council partnered to deliver Comra; a documentary filmmaking/photo essay camp, at our #SupportYemen premises, taught by our Support Yemen team. 12 aspiring Yemeni filmmakers and photographers aged 18+ were selected to participate in the 2 week full-immersion workshop to develop their understanding of documentary (guerrilla) filmmaking and photo essays that reflect human stories from Yemen, with an emphasis on the power and importance of art in bridging gaps and promoting peace in a time of war & conflict.

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Comra 2

Comra Fiction Filmmaking Camp

During the month of July 2015, the British Council and SupportYemen partnered to deliver Comra, a documentary filmmaking project that aimed at training 12 young filmmakers on guerrilla filmmaking and produce films that tell human stories from Yemen at a time of war

To give young filmmakers in Yemen a complete picture of the art of filmmaking, an added training on narrative and fiction was delivered in December 2015. This time was aiming to include a larger number of young Yemenis who have a passion for films and filmmaking. The month long training included sessions on scriptwriting, production, directing, lighting & sound, editing and acting. Participants were divided into the sessions that would eventually make a up complete film crew.

Because the British Council is celebrating Shakespeare's work in 2016 on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death, we challenged the teams to make Yemeni films inspired by Shakespeare's work.

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