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We are a non-profit arts collective that comprises of Yemeni women and men; activists and professionals in filmmaking, photography, research, website design and writing. Since our establishment in September, 2011, our team has been devoted to social justice, grassroots participatory narratives and story telling through arts in Yemen. We consider ourselves part of the intersectional social movement in Yemen and the world that shares the values and struggle for equality,  social justice and autonomous voices and narratives of people.


Our Vision:

We think of collective liberation as a vision to work towards, and as a strategic framework that guides us and our work. We are committed to contributing to building the world we want to see by working, organizing, and strategizing collectively to advance intersectional social justice where people are able to live with dignity, freedom, and equality.


Our Tools:

We use filmmaking, writing and other forms of arts to bring attention to the various struggles and issues often neglected with hope to bringing about new perspectives, creativity and a sense of civic engagement and change.
Our  Website is available in English and Arabic and is filled with short films, blog posts as well as our projects.
We are also on social media so Like Us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and Instagram! You will get the updates on our work s and get a chance to join in on the discussions and efforts.
p.s. If you ever come across our flyers and/or brochures, scan the big barcode on the front of the flyer and you’ll automatically be redirected to our website and facebook page.