Where you live, shouldn’t determine whether you live. For the people in Yemen,  justice has been ignored in the constant call to “counter-terrorism”. The dangerous ignorance of the United States and Yemeni governments counterterrorism policies have left countless of precious human lives dead. Their deaths are part of an ongoing, systematic program of US drone strikes that terrorizes whole populations and creates psyhocological trauma among civilian communities. This cannot be simply dismissed as “collateral damage”

 Will you join us in recognizing that all human beings are equal? 

We refuse to watch in silence. The countless innocents killed and terrorized are not invisible. They are human beings and must be seen and treated as such.  We are determined to bring an end to violations of international human rights and humanitarian law caused by these airstrikes. We have created this space for their stories to be told. We document their stories. We bring you their perspective and hope that, you and those in power listen, recognize, and support the peacefull calls to self-determination and human right protections.  Stay tuned for the upcoming documentary coming out on March 2013!

Locally, nationally and globally, don’t forget to stick with us in pursuing the equal and inherent value of all  human life. 

We will continue our efforts. We will not stop until the people of Yemen can live in dignity and until our collective voices can be heard and respected.

“He refuses to see his classmates because he is disfigured. It’s been eight months and there is nothing I can do to help my son,” said Alkhadr Ali Hassan, father of Ali Alkhadr, 14. “He does not want to go to school and one time I hospitalized him because he overdosed on drugs. I believe he wanted to end his life, and it pains me to see that. I don’t know what to do,” he added. ” Atiaf Alwazir for Al-Akhbar