Thursday May 3rd, 2012 – #SupportYemen presented with association of Resonate! Yemen, Yemen Enlightenment First Oxford Style Debate on the following motion:“Foreign Aid to Yemen Caused More Harm than Good”.The audience casted their votes on the motion twice, before and after the debate. The team that changed the most minds in the course of the debate declared winner. 

Debate Motion: Foreign Aid to Yemen Caused More Harm than Good

Voting Results:

Before the debate:
For the motion: 28.5%
Undecided: 25%
Against the motion: 46%

After the debate:
For the motion: 60.7%
Undecided: 0%
Against the motion: 39.3%

The winner of this debate is Team One arguing for the motion “Foreign Aid to Yemen Caused More Harm than Good”

Team One: Arguing for the motion

– Atiaf Al-Wazir
Researcher, NGO consultant & blogger based in Sana’a
Twitter: @WomanFromYemen

– Ibrahim Mothana
Activist, writer and a cofounder of Watan party.
Twitter: @imothanaYemen

Team Two: Arguing against the motion:

– Rana Jarhum
Gender and Youth Officer at RTI International

– Ala’a Jarban
Youth Activist & Business Student at Sana’a University.
Twitter: @AJYemen

– Rafat Al-Akhali
Executive Director, Resonate! Yemen
Twitter: @ymnraf

The debate was moderted by Ginny Hill, Director of the Yemen Forum at Chatham House

This is a pilot debate therefore your feedback is greatly appreciated. For any comments, thoughts or ideas please contact: Ibrahim Mothana at [email protected]