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“I was sitting with my friends there, and we were going to play football, when suddenly we were shaken by the sound of a violent explosion. I looked in front of me and saw a car burning. A missile had struck it. Shrapnel hit me in my foot, but I didn’t feel any pain, and I ran towards the house with blood flowing from my injury. I saw the car burning beside me and one of my friends lost consciousness. Someone came with a car and took us to the hospital.” Amin Ali Hassan Al-Wisabi,13 years old.

While debate over drones are occurring at the White House and Congress, over “legality”, transparency and accountability, what’s left ignored and neglected are our stories, the people that are ACTUALLY at the receiving end, the people ACTUALLY impacted by them. Our voices are missing from this important conversation that is dictating whether we live or die, shouldn’t we have a say? The media has often overlooked this important aspect too. We’d like to invite Yemenis to share their stories to help bring to life the real-world experience of living under drones to the public’s eyes and to those making these policies and  profiting off of this program.

We want to hear from you, please consider sharing your story with us by:

  1. Writing your story about what it’s been like for you to have US Drones/aircrafts flying over Yemen. Try to include details. If you can include a photo (doesn’t have to be of you, as long as you have permission to use it) that will help get people sharing your story.
  2. Sending us a photo of yourself holding up your story written on a sign
  3. Send us a 30 second-1 minute video of you telling us you’re living under “drones” story

In your story, try to include some information about:

  • The Movement: Why was a US Drone/aircraft flying overhead?

  • The Drone: How did having a US aircraft flying over your skies make you feel?

  • The Aftermath: How did you or others around you react to US drones/aircrafts? Has their been resistance? What has that looked like?*

**we understand that not all aircrafts flying over our skies are drones however, we decided on lumping all aircrafts under this term because it’s become an accessible term to many people and at the end of the day it’s technical differences which we find to be  irrelevant to the conversation. They are ultimately the same tool being used in harmful ways to our lives . 


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