pharrell williams song Happy

Directed by: Ameen Alghabri & Abdulrahman Hussain


Manager: Rooj Alwazir & Ameen Alghabri

D.O.P: Ziryab Alghabri

Cameramen: Ziryab Alghabri, Majed Al-Ahmadi, Ameen Alghabri & Abdurahman Hussain.

Editing: Abdurahman Hussain, Ameen Alghabri & Majed Al-Ahmadi

Color correction: Ameen Alghabri & Abdurahman Hussain

Timelapse & Hyperlapse: Ziryab Alghabri & Ameen Alghabri

Photography: Mohammed Alghabri

Make up: Mona Almutawakel

Special Thanks: Libyan center Friends Restaurant

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped to make this video

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