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Fadia Hamoud Abdullah Albajl

- I Became a Creative Writer -

What does it personally mean to me to become a creative writer? This means so much to me. When creativity condenses my feelings in an idea, in a piece of art, I feel great. I find myself writing words that express images in my head in the form of a poem or a story. In the case of a story, I feel as if I am drawing one picture after another. Writing my feelings in words is what makes me a creative writer. I feel proud! This has made me more persistent to work and take the challenge. I became capable of creating and analyzing characters. I feel the same about writing dialogues between characters. This means so much to me. I have improved a lot since this training started. My hard work and strong will made me succeed and want to pass my experience and success to others.

Dreams can take several routes. In this case, my dreams are pushing me towards my independence. I can be creative and build a network of friendships with time.

When I think of an overwhelming experience, I suffer because these experiences have eaten me up. I usually do not calm down until I have vented all my thoughts and feelings. Using my own words and expressions is my only way out. I do not consider myself an experienced creative writer. I am still learning and trying to sip as much as I can from this massive ocean of experiences, your experiences and knowledge. You, the women I met here, are what bring light to my creativity. God’s will is the most powerful and so is our strong will to achieve dreams. I am more determent than ever.

- My Friend’s Story -
A Short Story from An Interview

Her story is sad and painful. She is a good hardworking woman with three children. She strives to put food on the table for her children without resorting to anyone’s help in raising all three of them. She does the role of a mother and a father at the same time. She told me about how her husband treated her, how he left her and the kids. She remained intact despite the pain. She trusts God with her fate and continues to stand still for her children. She does her best to give them all they need. The husband, whom she took care of during his illness, divorced her during a phone call as soon as he got better and arrived in another city.

Her story resembles mine…

When I got sick, my husband threatened me with divorce while I was on a hospital bed. He left me for 5 years and denied me my oldest son. He left me with my youngest who cannot recognize his father now after all this absence. Men want women only when they are in good health. Once a woman is sick or tired, they replace or throw her away like rotten goods.

What is his heart made of?

I am my baby’s mother and father. I always thank God for giving me the strength. I am just like my friend. We both thank God for the strength we have to survive with nobody’s help.

Corresponding Thoughts to the Story Collection Titled “Blouza: The Blouse” by Reem Mohajed

I used all my efforts in attempting to suppress the pain I felt about all what has happened to this beautiful country, Yemen, while reading this collection. I am pained by the displacement from one place to another as a result of war. These short stories reminded me of my father who passed away not a long ago. May his soul rest in heaven and God’s mercy. When one of us loses her father, she loses life altogether. A father is one’s backbone…

I am still thankful to God, to his fate and wisdom.

One of the stories also reminded me of the mother who fears for her daughter’s safety. It is fear of a daughter getting lost, being kidnapped or assaulted. I thought about this a lot while reading about how the mother insisted her daughter wears modest clothes while escaping war.

Another story reminded me of our valuables that we cannot live without. I thought of that moment when we had to collect our belongings so fast to flee. I thought of the mother who takes her children from one place to another to flee danger towards safety.

I pray that the war ends.

- On 19 Days of Creative Writing -
Thoughts on the 19th Day of Creative Writing

My first day of creative writing was exquisite and full of excitement. My first week was full of joy, for I met my friends again after more of a year and a half. I was so happy to meet our trainer and to begin creating and describing the characters. During the second week, I began to find comfort and joy in free writing. My ideas began to flow and I started to hear my deepest thoughts. By the third week, I formed a very close relationship with the characters we created. I was constantly preoccupied with our characters. I want more of this great work and this significant achievement.

- Six Images from Memory -
Thoughts that Followed a Walk in the Neighborhood

I truly enjoyed my walk. I looked right and left and I saw:

  1. A building on the right side of the street. It was beautifully built with brown windows, grey doors and a green garden. My feelings guided my thoughts to a place where I started imagining what it would be like to have my own building that I can decorate myself and grow trees and flowers in its garden.

  2. I looked left and saw a medical center. I wished I were a surgeon so I could help people in need and ease their pain. May God heal all those struggling with illness and all the wounded.

  3. To the right, also, I saw a fascinating modern school. I wished I were a teacher so I could contribute to the success of generations from one grade to the grade above until they reach college. May God be with all students during this exams period.

  4. I looked left and saw a flower shop that had all sorts of beautiful flowers. I thought of owning a flower shop one day.

  5. When I left the neighborhood, I felt as if I lived there for ages. This is the first time I take a close look at my surroundings on the street. It is all because of our trainer who encouraged us to do this.

  6. The last thing I saw was a honey shop. I pictured having a beehive so I can give those in need a share of the produced honey to heal burns and infections.

Dear God, grant me what I wish for.