Who are we?

We are an independent media collective engaged in using video to tell our under-told and under-heard struggles. We are young Yemeni female and male organizers, activists, journalists, videographers, photographers, and bloggers who are passionate about using creative communication strategies as a tool for social change. Our work is guided by the collective vision and goals of our community to build a free and just world.

We are open to everyone and are strongly rooted in the spirit of volunteerism and inclusiveness, providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels.

SupportYemen does not receive any financial aid from any country in the world or any governmental organization.

Our Vision:

We think of collective liberation as a vision to work towards and as a strategic framework that guides us and our work. We are commited to building the world we want to see by working, organizing, and strategizing collectively to advance social justice and build a democratic civic state where people are able to live with dignity, freedom, equality and justice.

Our Principles:

  • We support the struggles of non-violent resistance
  • we value organizational transparency and honestly
  • we value flexibility, creativity, and  diversity
  • we value activism and grassroots efforts
  • we value that we can learn and share skills, ideas and power and support one another
  • we work in a supportive environment to build and create an inclusive and safe space free from racial, socio-economic and political and sectarian prejudices and all other societal hierarchies and oppression. We do not tolerate the exclusion of any member of society

Our Tools:

We create short videos to bring attention attention to the various struggles and issues often neglected with hope to bringing about new perspectives, creativity and a sense of civic engagement and policy change.

Our  Website is available in English and Arabic and serves as a central and alternative to mainsteam media. Our site is filled with video campaigns, reports on Yemen, list of blogs and/or sites related to the revolution, and a list of how to support Yemen from abroad.

We’re also on Social Media so friend us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and Instagram! You’ll get the updates on our campaigns and get a chance to join in on the discussions.

p.s. If you ever come across our flyers and/or brochures, scan the big barcode on the front of the flyer and you’ll automatically be redirected to our website and facebook page.

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